Monday, February 6, 2012

Wow, I had now idea about formula!!

So its been a week since I wrote my last post, and holy crap I was an idiot!! So going cold turkey when attempting to quit breast feeding is the dumbest thing I think I have ever tried to do. I am "research girl" and with this one thing I just blindly did it with no idea how it would effect me and wow, I was punished for it. By noon of the next day, I was in tears. My boobs were rock hard, tender, and so painful. I thankfully decided to pump and then do some research. Silly silly me. Weaning off of BFing is a weekly, possibly monthly thing!!!! So for a few days I took out the mid morning and the mid afternoon pump, and now I pump only at night and first thing when I wake up. However the funniest thing happened....I now don't mind it at all!! I think it was the feeling of being attached to the pump 24/7. But just taking out the few pumping sessions, I felt relived and a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I even nursed the girls a few times and it was pleasant. They didn't scream, they either did it or didn't and that was that.
We have now been doing 50/50 mix of formula and BM and so far no issues with the girls and their stomaches. They don't seem to mind it at all, which is so nice. I was worried about intolerances or issues but nothing so far. Well except for one thing. Good god, formula is fucking expensive!!! I knew it was but I didn't REALLY understand till we had to go buy some and did the math at how much that one container will last us. 3 days, thats it. 3 freaking days. At $30, that is $300 for formula a month. Well at least it will be once I stop producing all together. So there is this huge part of me that wants to continue pumping and sporatically nursing so we can alleviate the cost of formula. So that is what I decided; even after all my bitching about it. Now it's not bad and it's enjoyable, to a certain extent that is of course.
The joys of parenthood!!! Love it!!!
So the girls turned 6 months old yesterday and are now 16.4 and 15.14 as of last MOnday. I am so happy with how amazing they have done so far. Yes, I am exhausted and yes I haven't been the best wife in the world but we have survived and made it pretty much unscathed!! Every mother of twins I have talked to or read in books say that the first six months is the hardest and once you get past that it gets...easier isn't really the best word but for this purpose we will use it.
Alex still loves to roll back to front, but still hasn't figured out how to roll back lol. Izzy is almost rolling back to front but is good with rolling back. Once that happens we will have mobile babies!! So much fun!!

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