Friday, January 20, 2012

Only two more weeks left....

Is it sad that I am partially excited that I only have two weeks worth of pumped milk left?? So that means that in a few weeks, the nightmare of breastfeeding will come to an end. I know, I should stop complaining. Either shit or get off the pot, right?? Well I am still a masochist about the whole thing and can't seem to let it go. I know its the best thing for my girls and if I quit just cause I don't like it, then I am being super selfish. So I trudge along and keep going, but if I run out of back up supply, then we will have to go to formula to supplement, which means I might be done soon. Yippee :)

The girls are doing so well though. They have both cut thru their first tooth, Alex actually has her second one as well. I though teething would be horrible, but I was pleasantly suprised. It hasn't been that bad. Sure they are extra fussy and you can tell when they are in pain, but no screaming all night! It's been 4 days of them sleeping through the night, and that is WITH teething!! So great!!! 
They are both smiling even mnore, and laughing like a storm. They also are starting to talk a little more. A little part of me worries that they are a little behind in some of the developmental areas. But that is also me doing super paranoid which I know so I don't give it much creadence lol.
Well little miss Alex is awake. I love when I get a few moments alone with each to play and give loving to.

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