Monday, January 23, 2012

Sleep is amazing!!

So it's been about a week and I think we are starting a new phase- sleeping through the night!!!! It's so incredible!!
They sleep from about 8 till anywhere between 5 and 6!! Sometimes one of them might wake and cry for a minute or two but they both have learned to fall back asleep!! Sorry for the multitudes of exclaimation points but how else does one convey such excitement!!
These girls are just getting to be so amazing. Not that they weren't before but holy hell, they are awe inspiring! They both have such personalities too.
Alex love to roll to her belly now, while Izzy is perfectly content to lay on her back watching the toys hang from their gym. Alex loves to try to hold her bottle and move around while Izzy is happy letting you feed her and her relax. Alex loves to stand with support, while Izzy wont put any weight on her legs. Izzy however loves to sit in her bumbo and play with her toys, while Alex just slumps over and could care less. Izzy loves to watch the world around her and Alex wants to tell everyone her stories. They are both so different and I love them both completely.
Another highlight from my weekend, is Chris deciding to go see a counselor. I think it's finally weighing on him. I am relieved. I never took offensive he didn't talk about things with me, but after so much time, I think he needs to talk to somoen. Today is a good day.

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