Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am not the only one

Today Chris got to spend some quality time with the girls while I had a doctor's appointment and did it all by himself for the first time. He survived and did great, but once I got home and it was time for their lunch feeding he got to experience the scream-fest that has become the norm. We aren't sure what is causing the issue but the girls refuse to nurse during the day. As soon as I lay them down, they start to scream. Sometimes if I got to them early enough, they will nurse but only intermittely betweens screams. But unfortunately once I have attempted to nurse them and then we try a bottle, they will continue to scream. It seems that only I can get them to feed from the bottle. They just scream and wail when Chris or my mom tries. However this is a challenge since I usually am trying to nurse the second twin after the first one failed. So what happens is that baby A is screaming in Chris' arms refusing the bottle while I am trying to get baby B to nurse but who is also screaming. So once I can get baby B to calm down and nurse OR I give up and heat up a bottle, I then have to go into another room or Chris does so that way I can feed baby B in peace, then we switch babies and I can feed baby A in pease. Of course by this time Baby A is exhausted from screaming. Yes, this is what life can be like. But I am not at all upset by it. Of course I want to figure out what is going on, I hate when my babies are upset and not happy. But I was also relived to see that Chris was getting super frustrated. I know it might seem obvious but when you do it day in and day out and are beyond exhausted and you feel like you are at whits end, it's nice to see that your wonderful amazing partner gets flustered within 10 minutes. Does that make me a bad wife? Hell no. It just makes me human because today I don't feel inadequte today and that feels good. Off to a nap!!!

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