Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wow, I sound depressing

I was thinking earlier today that I wanted to write a more light hearted post, instead of the dark and twisty as of late. Then an old friend of mine emailed me asking me how I was holding up after she had read these dark and twisty posts, so here I am....let's shine some light on my life :)

Chris and I are madly in love still. Somehow we have survived a horrible tragedy and come across on the other side an even stronger couple. I can't tell you how, but we did and we are so thankful for it. We miss Kathleen every day but we lean on each other and find the strength to keep going each day. He is my hero and I love him more and more every day we are together.

These beautiful girls of mine are amazing. I love them completely and whole heartedly. They truely amaze me every day. I love being able to stay at home and see the first smile. The first laugh. The first roll over. The first tummy time that they didnt absolutely hate. The first time they talked together in their own language and that was only in their first four months. I knew being a SAHM would be a challenge and it definitely has been, but I love being here with them. I just need to get my head on straight...which I hope will happen soon. But it seems to be getting better, talking about it here seems to help. There is a small part of me though that feels like if I complain too much than I am only making it worse, but I also dont want to hide from these feelings and make anything worse. Ugh, this sucks. But I have my fingers crossed, and I know with my husband at my side and my gorgeous girls, I will come out of this feeling better. Just need time and patience.

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