Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not much of a funk lately

Wow, it's crazy how you can feel so much better when things were looking so gray just a few days ago or in my case, last week. I think it has alot to do with Chris' schedule (I honestly don't know how couples survive deployments- they have my full respect, even though they already had it before this revelation), and also getting out of the house more. Had drinks with a great friend of mine last week and even though I felt like I had nothing to talk about or add to the conversation, it was still wonderful to get out of the house and not have a baby drooling on my shoulder.

The girls are now definitely in the realm of teething. I find it funny that when anyone sees that they are fussy or cranky they automaticvally assume that they are teething. Well now it's actually the cause, we can feel them cutting through and I can only imagine that it can't feel great. I hope that is the only thing going on with them, cause the last few days have been a little rough. Lots of fussiness but I am handling it alot better than the last few weeks. My fuse is MUCH longer and can handle quite a bit more without getting super frustrated and needing to count or take a few deep breaths. This increase in patience also makes me feel better. More in control of both me, my emotions and the situation- or my lack of the situation but being ok with that. I know can accept that I can only do so much for them and beyond that I can only hold them and tell them I am here for them and do my best, but past that they are just babies and screaming is par for the course.
Now of to bed. Wonder how many consecutive hours I might be able to get tonight.....

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